The Cub Den

The Cub Den

I came to a build that needed some wing tubes to help align the wing and support it until a few bolts could be tightened.  Looking around I picked up some carbon fiber arrow shafts but could not locate any sleeves for them that was a good fit.  So, I decided to make them from epoxy and fiberglass cloth.  Sorry I do not have more photos, but it was the issue of not wanting to get epoxy on my phone taking photos.

The arrow shafts I use were .30 diameter and were 29 inches long.  Using a cutoff wheel and my shop vac to get all the dust.   I carefully cut the ends of the shaft off between the fins and the metal insert on the arrow end.  At this time, you want the shaft longer than what you will be using.

First step was to lay out two strip of wax paper about 4 inches wide and 10 inches longer than the arrow shaft.

Second step was to lay out a strip of fiberglass cloth about 4 inches wide and 6 inches longer than the arrow shaft.  I used some 1.5 oz cloth for this project.

Third step, take the wax paper and a small section of tape.  Tape the corner of the wax paper to the shaft at a 45deg angle.  Now start wrapping it tight and smooth all the way down the shaft.  It will look like a candy cane or a barber poll.  Trim and secure the end of the paper to the bottom.

 Put on some disposable gloves and mix up a batch of 30 min epoxy.  Brush epoxy on about 10 inches of the shaft.  Just like the wax paper apply the cloth at a 45 deg angle and wrap around the shaft.  Keep applying epoxy as you continue down the shaft also keeping the cloth tight and work out all wrinkles or thick spots.

Now take the second section of wax paper and apply it to the outside.  Keep the paper tight and keep working excessive epoxy to the end of the shaft.  When you come to the end, tape it off, stand up the shaft and let it dry.

After a day of setting, remove the outer wax paper.  Now slide the carbon shaft out of the sleeve.  Now using the carbon shaft or a dowel work the wax paper from the inside of the tube.

You may apply two layers of cloth if you need a stiffer sleeve.

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