The Cub Den

The Cub Den

The Super Cub project.  Back in Early October of 09 I located what I thought would be my subject for the Super Cub.  Talked to the owner and was willing to meet me.  He was only 256 miles away.  So, a road trip was planned.  Just happen the day I went they were having a Super Cub Flyin.  The owner of the Super Cub told me there was a better subject at the event.  I was introduced to this beautiful 1954 Super cub that had been restored in 02.  I snapped 100 photos of the plane for documentation.  Then the project was put on the back burner to finish up the L-4.   In 2011 I started working on drawing the prints in what little spare time I had.   The prints were finished in 2017 and now is time to start the build. 

The Game plan

  • I have an old Brison 4.8 twin for power.
  • I have Robart gear for the front,
  • Ohio Superstars the tail wheel for back.
  • Covering.  Still researching this area.
  • Servos will still undecided on all surfaces.
  • I’m looking for some tundra tires around 11 inches.

As with the L-4 I had a few that came on board with the build and offered me products free or at a discount to be part of that project. I’m looking for the same for this project; again, you will be recognized for it in the end. Feel free to email me if you want to come on board. This will be my next show plane and look forward to competing with it . 

This will not be a fast build as I work 40 hours a week plus have a family that includes a little one . 

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