The Cub Den

The Cub Den

Bo Lovell shared the following on lighting a Superfly with UV LED’s

What I did was airbrush nearly everything black then added the pictured fluorescent paint in the patterns you see. Then I strategically placed strips of 3 UV l.e.d’s where they would shine on the fluorescent paint. A total of 19 strips of 3 were used and I believe there are 20 strips of 3 in the average meter of lights, so not even a full meter was used. This is the least lights than I have ever used on one of these planes. It shows up really well.

View of the plane in daylight

Paint Used on the plane.

My goal was to have no visible l.e.d.’s ie… bury the lights and have the EPP disperse the UV into the paint from the opposite side. Then I discovered that the glo paint was much brighter with the lights shining on it from the top, so I did my best to hide them from view while in flight. It worked. While flying you see a glimpse of one or two lights just at the right angle and the paint glows like it’s all one big light. Very easy to see, not so easy to do since it was a first for me. I don’t know anyone else that has done it either because I’m not sure how long true UV led’s have been available, but these from the Cub Den Store are fantastic. Thanks again.

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