The Cub Den

The Cub Den

This is my second take on a good looking but functional tail brace for Cub’s.  This is a shot of the tail brace attachment point on the full scale.

The attachment points are the same as in tail brace 101, simply some thin .032 K&S Alum. bent to shape with a couple of holes drilled.  Use the template to cut the attachment points. The center section (3/16) should be the width across flats on you 2-56 nut.

The rods are made up from several parts.  Using Dubro part #111 Threaded Couplers along with a few 2-56 nuts and a section of 1/16 music wire.    Modify the Threaded couplers by trimming both ends.  For the threaded end I screw two nuts on and then trimmed the rest of the threads off.  for the end accepting the 1/16 rod I allowed about 3/8 of an inch.

Only bend two for now to use as reference, the others will be bent in the final assembly. With the attachment points setting in place, you can now build your rods.  Solder the 1/16 rod into one of the modified couplers.  Insert the coupler thru the center hole on the attachment point.  Thread the nut all the way on and then back it off one full turn.  For second attachment point insert the modified coupler along with nut and fully tighten and then back off one turn.  Line up on the plane to figure the length of the rod needed.  Trim rod to length and when happy with the fit, solder the second end on.  Need to repeat this for all four rods.

For the jam nut I took a 2/56 nut and drilled the center out just enough for a good tight fit onto the coupler.  Repeat bending all the attachment points and install.  I have used this on my L-4 with hundreds of flights and no issue from vibration.

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