The Cub Den

The Cub Den

You have two options; you can print them or buy them…..Read below on printing them, or check out my page decal-it on buying them.

Make your own Scale Place cards is easy. Most of my cards are made in MS Word. Word will allow you to use a large selection of fonts going down to a size of 1. Some people don’t know it but in word you can click on the font size number, and you can then type the font size in. You can also enter a number like 1.5, 2.5, 3.5. I do my printing on clear address labels with a laser printer that will do 1200DPI. You could also use inkjet printers but will need to clear coat the labels to keep them from running or smearing if they were to get wet.

Also you can use a photo editing software to draw up a place card.

Take a look at the photo of the Radio face, it was done at 1200 DPI and scale down when printed.

The ID panel was drawn to scale using AutoCAD and printed out on clear label stock. What you see black was printed. Next, I cut to size and applied to a section of thin metal tape.   Then it was stuck to the plane. You can also print and apply to the outside of your plane.   When doing this I recommend you apply a clear coat of some type to protect the label.

Another tip, you have color text on a black background? All you do is print out white text on a black background. Using the clear labels apply the color of the text to the item where the text is to be and then apply the label over top of the color after is has dried. Now the color well show through the label.

The above section was written before the time of affordable color laser printers.  Color laser printers have opened the door for so many more options in making and printing place cards for your plane.

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