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The Cub Den

I have seen several different tail brace configurations on Cub’s. So, if you’re building your Cub scale, then look at you project to see what type of tail braces it uses. I do not know the proper name for this setup, but it’s very easy to build. This is a shot of the tail brace attachment point on the full scale.

The attachment points are simply some thin .032 K&S Alum. bent to shape with a couple of holes drilled. The rods are the unthreaded part of 4-40 rods. Use the template to cut the attachment points. The center section (3/16) should be the width across flats on you 2-56 nut.

Only bend two for now to use as reference, the others will be bent in the final assembly. With the attachment points setting in place, you can now cut your rods to length and thread each end with a 2-56 die. You may ask why not use a 2-56 rod and thread the other end. The reason is the rods you get from Dubro and other companies have the threads rolled on and not cut. So, the rod diameter is too small to cut a good set of threads. You will need a rod diameter of 3/32 to cut the 2-56 threads. Do not use music wire, as it is heat-treated and will quickly dull your die. To assemble thread a 2-56 nut, attachment point along with another 2-56 nut on each end of the rod. Now bend the attachment points to proper shape and drill a hole for the 4-40 bolt to attach it to the tail.

I recommend after all braces are adjusted to apply a small drop of instant CA to all nuts. I have used this configuration on the tail of my cub for many years now. Feel free to email with questions.

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