The Cub Den

The Cub Den

This article will detail mounting the Cowl in a Scale appearance. The following is based on the full-scale Cub that I modeled after. Locations of mounts on a true Cub are not always in same location. Change to fit around the cub that you are modeling after.

What is needed

  • 3 packs Dubro #618 4-40 Rigging Couplers (4/pkg)
  • 1 pack Bolink small black R/C car body clips, or small clips may be bought at Lowes or local hardware store
  • 2 4/40 lock nuts.
  • 8 4/40 blind nuts.
  • 10 rubber servo grommets or similar grommets
  • 10 4/40 washe.
  • Some scrap 1/4 ply

Getting started  Take 10 of the rigging couplers and insert a body clip in the hole of the coupler. Some holes in the couplers may need to be enlarged a little. Assuming you have the cowl ready to mount, locate the mount points on it. The cub I modeled used 2 on the front, and on the side was 3 above the exhaust and one below it. After locating the mounts drill a 1/16 hole at each location. Using the ply make L shaped extensions the come out from the firewall to meet up with the locations of the cowl mount. The extensions should come up flush with the inside of the cowl, if not apply scrap blocks until it is flushed. With the extensions in place, it is now time to mount the cowl.

Set the cowl in place and drill one of the top back mount holes through the ply extension. Install a small screw into this hole, this will keep the cowl from moving while you drill the other holes. Now do the top mount on the other side and insert a screw. As you drill each hole insert a screw into the hold to keep alignment. Now drill the remaining holes. Remove the screws and the cowl. Next drill the mount holes in the cowl out so that the servo grommets can be install. Don’t forget the two holes up front. On the holes up font, take a coupler and slide a washer on it then install it in the hole and attach a lock nut to the back side. Tighten it down but not over tighten it. You may need to shorten the part of the coupler that protrudes to the inside of the cowl to keep it clear of the engine. Drill the holes in the extensions (attached to the firewall) out so that the blind nuts can be installed.

Installing the cowl  Take the other eight couplers and slide a washer on each. With the cowl in place, start screwing the couplers into the holes and tighten up snug. After all are installed flip the clip down as it appears in photo. The servo grommet gives the cowl a little shock action.

Tool Tip  Take a small section of a hardwood dowel 1/2 inch or above in diameter and drill a 1/8 hole down in the center. Now take about 2 inch long section of 1/8 OD brass tubing and glue it in the hole of the dowel. Cut a slot in the protruding end of the brass tube about 1/8 inch deep. To install or remove the cowl, flip the clip out insert tool down allowing the clip to go in the slot of the tool. This makes installing and removing the cowl easy.

Although the black Dubro clips I use are larger than scale, it gives you a nice scale look. I have located small clips in silver at my local Lowes and Ace Hardware.

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