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The Cub Den

Most will agree the biggest enemy of a switch is vibration. Below I will describe how to shock mount a switch that will relieve it from some vibration.

First you will need a small square of 1/16 ply. What I use is about a 1-inch square or little bigger. The ply sheet needs to be like the one in the photo below. Remove the switch cover plat and use it as a template to cut the holes out for mounting the switch. The two dark circles on the ply are servo grommets. In the switch handle you will need to drill a 1/16 hole in it. Look at the photo and you can barely see the hole.

To mount the switch system, you need to install a cross member to attach it to that will allow it to hang freely. You need to plan the location around where on the outside you want the switch pulls at. Photo below shows the switches mounted and their pull installed. You will need to install the brass eyelets in from the backside of mount. And mount the switch as you would a servo. Don’t over tighten the mount screws.

You will need to drill a 1/16 hole in the side of the fuselage where you want the switch pull to come out. It needs to be in a straight line with the switch to work well. For the pull make it out a small brass or steel wire that is around 1/32. Feed the wire in to the switch where an L bend is needed to turn the wire down so that it can go through the hole in the switch handle. Now bend it back to for a U shape. With the wire coming out the side, push in to put the switch in the inward position. About a 1/8 inch from the fuselage side bend the wire down and trim as in the photos below. As you can see in the below photos, with the wire painted you can easily hide the switch pulls.

As you can see I use the two switch, two-battery system in my Cub. Turn one on check the system out turn it off and then repeat with other switch. Now turn the two on and go fly. Any question or comments feel free to email me.

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