The Cub Den

The Cub Den

what is it?
Well in the venture to build an 1/4; scale L-4 I need to make some old-time headphones. I tried to make them as in the past with vacuum and press forming. The results I got were not good. Did some searching across the web and at the local hobby shop and came across a product called Aluminite little info on the product. This is a two two-part product. Yes, I said two-part. The first two part is two products that you will need to mix to make the mold. The second two part is used to make the castings. So, let’s get to work.

The part above was made by attaching a block of balsa to the mandrel of my rotary tool. Started turning it and shaping to the shape I needed. Next was to coat the item with thin CA

In the next photo I have completed a couple steeps. The part was attached to a sheet of ABS plastic. Next, I cut the bottom out of a 1 oz mixing cup and placed it upside down over the part. Then I used the blue clay with the kit to form a ring around the cup to keep the liquid from coming out. I mixed the first to parts by the instructions and poured it over the part in the cup. Now set aside and let it set.

Next day I pulled the ABS sheet off of the mold and pulled the part out of the mold.

Next you will need to mix the casting resigns and fill the mold.  Follow the instructions for warming your mold before pouring it.  It will start out as a dark brown liquid as it starts to set it will turn a cream color.

Now the final part. The resin part is on the left and the wooden part is on the right. Just remember your finished part will be only as good as your original part. Yes, my part has a little bit of a rough texture, but that was the look I was looking for. I did not list any mixing or set times for the products as they vary from one to the other. So please read the instructions from the MFG before you start.

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