The Cub Den

The Cub Den


The plane is covered in Super Coverit fabric. Rib stitching is from small sections of fishing line glued to the plane. Scale pinking tape’s from Gary at and most of the graphics were from Plane is painted in Exterior latex house paint matched to federal paint chips. 

I’m using the old inflatable Dubro cub wheels with a set of Robart main landing gear. Proctor turnbuckles, are used on the ailerons, and ruder with a pull pull setup. Custom tail wheel to match the original one, along with custom hinges on the ailerons. The inside is detailed out with all the details that are in the full scale plane. When a control surface is moved the controls in the cockpit move with it. 

A Scale Contentianl cylinders are installed to cover up the G26. Over 300 screws hold all the windows and framing work together for the greenhouse section. 

For controls I’m using Spektrum DX8 and AR8000 RX with full onboard telemetry. All Servos are analog Hitec. I’m running a standard servo on the throttle, a HS81 for the kill switch. A set of HS 77BB power the ailerons by a pull pull setup. I run the pull pull setup from a pulley I made on top of the servo. I have a HS635HB for the elevator and rudder. All linkages and horns on the surfaces are scaled from the full scale. I’m running duel switch / battier setup using 5 cell 1400 mah packs.

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