The Cub Den

The Cub Den

Welcome to the Cub Den

Last December I had to let my site go due to funding. I was just given some space on a new server spot for it. Sad part my backup I had was not a good one so I will be rebuilding everything from scratch. I have most of the pages back online, now to get all the customized stuff setup.

The photo above, In October 2016 at a local flying event, the owner of a full-scale Cub came into the airport and parked down behind the flight line.  I went over to snape a few photos of this nice Cub.  My good friend brought his Cubs up along with a cream-colored cub I have had for years to get some photos with eh full scale.  As I was looking for a new main page photo, I came across it.  The sun glair was perfectly placed, and our models were perfectly placed.  If you look in the nose cone you can see our models.

We are starting a new section for Guest submitted projects. Please feel free to submit your finished project at Guest Submitted Projects

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