Super Cub

I’m currently on the drawing board with my next project. Looking to build a 1/3 scale super cub from plans that I’m drawing now based upon full scale drawings. Below is the subject I have picked to model. I’m planning to run a building blog for this project when the time comes to build. I will be look at a 50CC to 65 CC range for a power plant. Also look at different options in covering the Cub as supercoverite is no longer made9. The model will be equipped with a full navigational lighting system. Check the tires out on the full scale; it will be fun to come up with a set of tires for this model. As with the L-4 I hade a few that came on board with the build and offered me products free or at a discount to be part of that project. I’m looking for the same for this project; again you will be recognized for it in the end. Feel free to email me if you want to come on board. This will be my next show plane and look forward to competing with it at TopGun in the future.


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