Build Along’s

This page will list a few build alongs that are on RCUniverse and RC Scale builder
All links below will open in a new tab or window.
Have one you want to add? Send it to my by email.


Sig 1/4scale C/W Cub
Balsa USA Super Cub Build
Sig 1/4 Cub Build–Here we Go!
SIG 1/4 J-3 converted into L-4
Sig 1/4 J3 Kit converted to PA-18 Super Cub (Build)
1/4 Sig Cub
sig vs balsa usa 1/4 cub kit?
1/3 Scale J3 Cub Build (Nelitz)
Bob Nelitz 1/3 Scale J-3 Short Kit build
1/3 BUSA Super Cub Build
BUSA 1/3 Super Cub by Ted Oram
Piper Supercub (Balsa USA)
SIG 1/6 Cub to Pa-12 Super Cruiser

Have a form or build along you want listed, send it to us to be added.

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